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Admission Policy

The admission process starts with an informational tour of the school, interview with the parent(s)/guardian(s), and a classroom observation. The next step is the submission of the Application for Admission form accompanied by the non-refundable Application Fee of $50, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and (as applicable) completed Record Release Form(s) for the school(s)/daycare(s) the child has attended over the most recent 3-year period. Upon receipt and review of the complete student academic records (as applicable), a student visit may be scheduled: Toddlers accompany parents/guardians to an interview with an administrator; Primary children visit a classroom for thirty minutes up to two full days without parents/guardians (the length of the visit depends on the child’s age and previous nursery school/daycare experience); and Elementary and Adolescent children visit a classroom for one or two full days without parents/guardians or visit with a teacher during the summer if no class is in session.

Each applicant is evaluated for the child’s potential for success in the Montessori classroom for his/her age group. It is important that the parent(s)/guardian(s)’ educational philosophy and expectations for the school are compatible with those of BMCH. The child must demonstrate age-appropriate behavior that is fundamental to a Montessori classroom, including: respect for self, others, and the environment and the ability to consistently engage in learning activities while working independently, in small groups, and in a large group. Students entering the elementary and adolescent programs must also have sufficient academic knowledge for their age group.

Montessori Programs at BMCH require students to function with age-appropriate independence. Except for children entering the Toddler Program, students are expected to be free from diapers/pull ups, to be able to get in and out of clothing without assistance, and to routinely practice responsible bathroom habits. All students, including those entering the Toddler Program, must be able to walk without assistance from an adult.

All classrooms at BMCH are accessed via outdoor walkways, and the use of the outdoor areas on the 22-acre campus as extensions of the classrooms is a fundamental component of the educational and extended care programs.

BMCH does not discriminate in the admission of students on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national and/or ethnic origin, disability, or any other classification protected by applicable law. Reasonable accommodation that does not alter the fundamental nature of our programs or create undue burden is made for students with disabilities. 

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